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Lex Barker

Lex Barker

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1919 - 1973

My Dad was an exceptional man with great charisma and a genuine, generous, open-hearted soul; I miss him dearly... It is therefore a wonderful feeling to see him in so many images, shared by people the world over; still loved by millions and unforgotten... Thanks to some very dedicated friends, this new site was born. I wish it well, God speed, may it bring toghether all of my father's admirers... Happy New Year, may Peace prevail and my best wishes to you and your families.

Christopher Barker
January 2008

Lex Barker was an actor during Hollywood's golden years and still enjoys worldwide acclaim today.

He has his place in movie history as Tarzan and Old Shatterhand. From being discovered as Tarzan arose the first immortal-hero status for tall, athletic Lex Barker, which was confirmed when he played Old Shatterhand and Kara Ben Nemsi in the Karl May series of films after he moved to continental Europe.

The purpose of this website is to maintain the memory of the simpatico American, and be a tribute to a film star and a life that will remain unforgettable.


06-Jun-2015: "Bloodbrother" Pierre Brice has died

Pierre Brice, 'Bloodbrother' of Lex Barker in the Winnetou movies, has died on 6th June 2015 at the age of 86 in Paris. Between 1962 and 1968, Pierre Brice and Lex Barker rode side by side across the wide silver screen in seven legendary Winnetou movies. In addition, the two actors shared the lead roles in the Euro-Western 'A Place Called Glory'. Both made a lasting impression on an entire generation of cinema goers. Christopher Barker gratefully remembers Pierre Brice. As a boy, Barker Jr used to visit the filming locations of the Winnetou movies in the former Jugoslavia, where he made the acquaintance of his father's 'Bloodbrother'. "My sincere condolences to Hella Brice, Pierre Brice's wife."

31-May-2014: New Nomination for the Walk of Fame

Nomination Again, a nomination is submitted to place a star for Lex Barker on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Perhaps it will be successful on the occasion of Barker's 95th birthday. The decision will be made in June. Please keep your fingers crossed! We thank Karen Kondazian for her support, as well as talks on the subject in Hollywood.
Work continues on projects like the English language Lex Barker biography, as well as the film documentation of Lex Barker's life.

11-May-2013: 40th anniversary of Lex Barker's death - Part 2

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Lex Barker's death, ARD-Magazine Brisant will broadcast as part of its program on the 10th May, 2013 — with start at 5.15pm — a tribute in honour of the unforgettable actor. For that purpose, exclusive interviews have been recorded with Lex Barker's son, Christopher (in Switzerland), and Winnetou Pierre Brice (in Paris) at the beginning of the week. An hommage of a special kind!

09-May-2013: 40th anniversary of Lex Barker's death

On the eleventh of May, 2013, forty years have passed since Lex Barker's death. The years have not diminished his popularity among the audience. On the contrary he remains in the hearts of his fans and is now being adored by 'up-and-coming' generations in his famous roles of Tarzan and Old Shatterhand. The screening of his movies on television, as well as new, 'remastered' editions on DVD and Blu-ray are evidence of it. Special commemorative contributions on Lex Barker during the month of May include an article by the men's magazine GQ, among others. A new nomination for Barker's inclusion on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood is also under preparation. In addition, an English language edition of the Lex Barker biography is being created, as well as a new book about the German Westerns (in which film people around the world will speak about Old Shatterhand Lex Barker).

You can find former news in the archive.

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