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Lex Barker

Lex Barker

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1919 - 1973

My Dad was an exceptional man with great charisma and a genuine, generous, open-hearted soul; I miss him dearly... It is therefore a wonderful feeling to see him in so many images, shared by people the world over; still loved by millions and unforgotten... Thanks to some very dedicated friends, this new site was born. I wish it well, God speed, may it bring toghether all of my father's admirers... Happy New Year, may Peace prevail and my best wishes to you and your families.

Christopher Barker
January 2008

Lex Barker was an actor during Hollywood's golden years and still enjoys worldwide acclaim today.

He has his place in movie history as Tarzan and Old Shatterhand. From being discovered as Tarzan arose the first immortal-hero status for tall, athletic Lex Barker, which was confirmed when he played Old Shatterhand and Kara Ben Nemsi in the Karl May series of films after he moved to continental Europe.

The purpose of this website is to maintain the memory of the simpatico American, and be a tribute to a film star and a life that will remain unforgettable.


30-May-2018: In Preparation: English-language biography

An English-language biography about the actor is progressing well to be ready in time for the 100th anniversary of Lex Barkerís birth in May 2019.

16-May-2018: Nominated for Hollywood: Lex Barker

Lex Barker enters the race for a star on the 'Walk of Fame' in Hollywood.

Hollywood, May 2018. The nomination for a star for Lex Barker on the world-famous 'Walk of Fame' in Hollywood was submitted to the Chamber of Commerce. It is now a matter of 'crossing fingers' by all fans of the unforgettable actor. The jury will choose the winning applicants in June 2018, and perhaps then the category 'Postum' in Hollywood will proclaim: 'The Winner is ... Lex Barker.' The popular 'Tarzan' and 'Old Shatterhand' actor would certainly be deserving of it. Especially since Lex Barker would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2019.

08-May-2018: 99th anniversary of Lex Barkers birth
11 May 2018: Forty-fifth anniversary of Lex Barkers death

Radio WDR 2 payed tribute to the unforgettable actor during the program 'Stichtag' on 11th May. You can hear it here:

11-Feb-2018: Lex Barker in 'Wild West made in Germany'

Wilder Westen made in Germany The German western productions of the 1960s are 'classics' nowadays. The cinema and television audience has retained the movies in its cultural memory. The new handbook about the German western, Wild West made in Germany, describes this very special phenomenon based on the movies and the actors of this genre. Author Reiner Boller conducted research for many years, visited archives and filming locations, and spoke with many people involved in making German westerns, especially the Karl-May movies. During the exhaustive work, two people in particular extended much appreciated assistance to Reiner; Matthias Wendlandt, whose father produced the famous Winnetou film series of the 1960s, and Christian Becker, the producer of RTL's new filmization based on May's famous tale. Of course, the new handbook, Wild West made in Germany, will also present to the reader previously unpublished details about Lex Barker and the production of his famous Winnetou movies.

You can find former news in the archive.

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